About LAB

LAB Antwerp is a multidisciplinary platform for data-driven athletic performance training, physiotherapy and health coaching. LAB redefines the training and rehabilitation experience with an inspiring space, a progressive approach and personal client support. 


LAB training programs are built to help you to lead a healthier life, realize your full athletic potential and give you a competitive advantage.
LAB’s data-driven approach to physiotherapy will guide you through every stage of the rehabilitation process for optimal and fast recovery after orthopedic injuries or surgery.
Nutrition is an integral part of body composition, fast recovery, and athletic performance. LAB offers personalized nutrition plans that cater to your specific needs and complement your training program.


The LAB team builds progressive insight into movement and health, combining the expertise and experience of each trainer and analyst. Each program and progress report is developed through teamwork and delivered with personal care.
Julien Prudhomme
Personal Trainer & Health Coach
LAB Founder
Julien is an ambitious perfectionist and persistent motivator. His extensive training experience with prominent athletes, artists and business professionals have inspired LAB’s dedication to efficiency, precision and innovation.
Thijs Hertsens
Head Physiotherapist & Sports Performance Coach
LAB Co-Founder
Thijs is a humble analyst with an eye for detail and a sense of humor. He is specialized in orthopedic injuries of recreational and professional athletes, especially footballers, cyclists, and track & field athletes.
Jeroen Beeusaert
Sports Performance Coach
& Data Analyst
Jeroen has a critical mind and a passion for sports. He is specialized in sports performance coaching and devotes his career to helping athletes improve in the most efficient, effective, and enjoyable way possible.