LAB develops programs that realize your full athletic potential, minimize the risk of injury and give you a competitive advantage. We combine the latest insights in biomechanical science with evidence-based training methods and systematic data analysis.


During an intake meeting, we collect objective data and gain insight about your condition, personal goals, strengths and challenges. This includes a LAB Scan, our revolutionary 3D biomechanical screening method using 6 motion tracking cameras synchronised with force plate data.
Personal Training Program
The LAB team uses the information of your assessment to design a personalized training program that will effectively and precisely accommodate your needs.
Progress Reports
Systematic screening of performance data allows the LAB coaches to monitor the effectiveness of each training program. You will receive regular analysis reports that offer insight into your progress and guidance towards further health improvement.
Service Features
LAB surrounds each client with the skills, support and service they need to excel. From custom dietary plans and motivational coaching to flexible training schedules.
Boxing is a great technique to reach conditioning and body composition goals. LAB integrates boxing in your personal programs as a fun and interactive high intensity interval training.


The LAB team builds progressive insight into movement and health, combining the expertise and experience of each trainer and analyst. Each program and progress report is developed through teamwork and delivered with personal care.
Jeroen Beeusaert
Sports Performance Coach
& Data Analyst

Jeroen has a critical mind and a passion for sports. He is specialized in sports performance coaching and devotes his career to helping athletes improve in the most efficient, effective, and enjoyable way possible.
Julien Prudhomme
Personal Trainer & Health Coach
LAB Founder
Julien is an ambitious perfectionist and persistent motivator. His extensive training experience with prominent athletes, artists and business professionals have inspired LAB’s dedication to efficiency, precision and innovation.
Joren Huygen
Sports Performance Coach
& Data Analyst
Joren is a detail-oriented generalist who takes on a personalised approach in his coaching. Being passionate about sports drives him to keep expanding his knowledge about the latest innovations in sport science. He has international experience with a varied clientele, from olympic athletes to top-level executives, he helps each individual to reach the top of their game.
Cedriek Swinnen
High Performance Manager
& Data Analyst
He is a performance manager tracking athletes remotely all year long, wherever located in order to improve their skills and overall performance. His work ethic and ambition are not only significantly high aimed for him self but he tries to pass it on to his athletes. ‘If you want to reach levels you haven’t reached before, you have to do things you haven’t done before’
Lisa Voet
Personal Trainer
Lisa is a passionate personal trainer with endless energy and enthusiasm, dedicated to empowering women and beginners on their fitness journey, helping them build strength, confidence, and a passion for exercise. Her approach? Pushing you beyond your limits with lively and dynamic workout routines, ensuring a fun experience throughout!


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Nicola van Hoeck
Personal trainer kickbox & thaibox
Nicola started 7 years ago in kickboxing and muay thai and his passion for this sport keeps on growing. This is the reason why since 2020 he is teaching his experience to our clients. His experience and dedication to perfectionisme in boxing will be set on his clients in a relaxed humorous way. His career highlight? Personal boxing coach of athletes and artists.