LAB’s personal training programs and progress reports are the product of constant teamwork. Combining the expertise and experience of each trainer and analyst, allows LAB to build progressive insight into movement and health.


The LAB team builds progressive insight into movement and health, combining the expertise and experience of each trainer and analyst. Each program and progress report is developed through teamwork and delivered with personal care.
Jeroen Beeusaert
Sports Performance Coach
& Data Analyst

Jeroen has a critical mind and a passion for sports. He is specialized in sports performance coaching and devotes his career to helping athletes improve in the most efficient, effective, and enjoyable way possible.
Julien Prudhomme
Personal Trainer & Health Coach
LAB Founder
Julien is an ambitious perfectionist and persistent motivator. His extensive training experience with prominent athletes, artists and business professionals have inspired LAB’s dedication to efficiency, precision and innovation.
Joren Huygen
Sports Performance Coach
& Data Analyst
Joren is a detail-oriented generalist who takes on a personalised approach in his coaching. Being passionate about sports drives him to keep expanding his knowledge about the latest innovations in sport science. He has international experience with a varied clientele, from olympic athletes to top-level executives, he helps each individual to reach the top of their game.
Cedriek Swinnen
High Performance Manager
& Data Analyst
He is a performance manager tracking athletes remotely all year long, wherever located in order to improve their skills and overall performance. His work ethic and ambition are not only significantly high aimed for him self but he tries to pass it on to his athletes. ‘If you want to reach levels you haven’t reached before, you have to do things you haven’t done before’
Michael Krikemans
Personal Trainer - Performance Coach
As a dedicated trainer, and former professional basketball player, I am committed to unlocking your full potential. Join me on a healthy journey, tailored to your unique needs and aspirations. Let’s elevate your game and performance together!


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Nicola van Hoeck
Personal trainer kickbox & thaibox
Nicola started 7 years ago in kickboxing and muay thai and his passion for this sport keeps on growing. This is the reason why since 2020 he is teaching his experience to our clients. His experience and dedication to perfectionisme in boxing will be set on his clients in a relaxed humorous way. His career highlight? Personal boxing coach of athletes and artists.
Yousef Lamchouat
Boxing coach
As a boxing coach, my mission is to merge physical and mental development, respecting the art of boxing, in order to sculpt individuals into better humans, athletes, and boxers.


Thijs Hertsens
Head Physiotherapist & Sports Performance Coach
LAB Co-Founder
Thijs is a humble analyst with an eye for detail and a big sense of humor. He is specialized in orthopedic injuries of recreational and professional athletes, especially footballers, cyclists, and track & field athletes.

Jonathan Kraeye
& Sports Performance Coach
Jonathan is an enthusiastic people person who feels most fulfilled when he can offer long term guidance and pain relief to ambitious young athletes or experienced professionals. He is experienced in rehabilitation of orthopedic injuries and surgeries in soccer, volleyball, basketball and other athletes.’
Sanne Jongedijk
Physiotherapist &
Sports Performance Coach
Sanne is an ambitious teamplayer with a big passion for sports. With her critical eye and sense of curiosity in innovation she assures an up-to-date and evidence-based treatment. She supports athletes of all levels in every sport. She is specialized in guiding athletes in hockey, tennis, golf and cycling.
Annelien de Mesel
Annelien is a dynamic therapist, who has always been passionated by movement, the human body and the medical world. Curious about the latest treatment insights, with an extra focus on the shoulder complex. Ready to guide the (recreational) athlete through every phase of the rehabilitation following an orthopedic injury or surgery.


Sander Landrieux
Sander uses the chiropractic principles to evaluate the human body as a whole. By using different parameters such as posture measurement and manual muscle testing, he determines the cause of the body dysfunctions and its associated symptoms. Sander is specialised in the treatment and prevention of back and neck problems, and neuromusculoskeletal (nerves, muscles, tendons, ligaments) - disorders.
Laurien Rodesch
Laurien is a nutritionist, but above all an advocate of a healthy and balanced diet. Nutrition plays an important role in realizing a healthy mind in a healthy body. Laurien can provide general nutritional advice as well as nutritional guidance with regards to different types of athletes, both during training and rehabilitation. The nutritional support is tailored to the person to enhance health, wellbeing, weight management and/or increasing performances.
Lan Kutanet
Sports massage
Lan has more than 10 years of experience in the field of sports massage. Lan listens to your individual needs and provides soft, medium or intens deep tissue release wether you are a recreative sporter or a professional athlete. A sportsmassage is focussed on stimulating the blood flow in the muscles and will help to release the waste products in the muscles. Your muscles and body will recover faster and it will help avoid injuries through overload off the muscles.


Hanneke Van Gucht
Sports Physiologist & Endurance Coach
By seeing her athlete as a sum of different parts Hanneke focuses on getting the best out of every athlete. She is very passionate, spontaneous and always eager to learn. She’s specialized in cycling, running & triathlon. In the past ten years she has been working with both recreational and professional athletes.


Gaëlle Scheffer
Medical administrative assistant
Gaëlle worked as a flight attendant for seven years and flew all over the world before making a career switch and joining us as a medical administrative assistant. Scheduling appointments is easy via the online agenda. If there are any administrative questions or comments beforehand, you can always contact her on 03 766 23 20 or on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. On other days, our physiotherapists will be happy to help you.


LAB training programs are built to help you to lead a healthier life, realize your full athletic potential and give you a competitive advantage.
LAB’s data-driven approach to physiotherapy will guide you through every stage of the rehabilitation process for optimal and fast recovery after orthopedic injuries or surgery.
Nutrition is an integral part of body composition, fast recovery, and athletic performance. LAB offers personalized nutrition plans that cater to your specific needs and complement your training program.