Nutrition is an integral part of body composition, fast recovery, and athletic performance. LAB offers personalized nutrition plans that cater to your specific needs and complement your training program.

Our nutrition services

Intake & body composition analysis
During a 1-hour consultation we perform a full body analysis and discuss your lifestyle, nutritional intake and physical activity level. You will be asked to fill out a detailed food diary for a couple of days.

Price: 100 euro

Follow up consultation

You choose how often you need a consultation. In 30 minutes, we analyze the physical and mental impact of our nutritional strategy and refine the program where necessary. Finally, we offer further skills and knowledge to help you make healthy choices.

Price: 35 euro

Personal coaching program

This program is a more intensive one where we see each other every two weeks for a 30 min consultation. We start with an intake of 1 hour. Every following two weeks we look at the development and refine the program where necessary to fit your personal goals. You will receive the right tips and tricks to deal with difficult moments, a personal eating plan, recipes and follow up body analysis.

Price: 275 euros