Recovery Therapy

Recovery is for everyone, elite level or recreational, who aims for optimal recovery after sports related activities. LAB helps athletes rehabilitate after injuries or surgeries as well as recover from strength and conditioning training with manual therapy, cryotherapy, compression therapy and sports massage.

Recovery overview

Intake & Assessment
During the first consultation, the problem which should be treated will be determined based on an intake interview. Your therapist will listen to your personal questions and then perform the treatment.
The benefit of recovery therapy is that it reduces the muscle tension that is built up during sports activities, stimulates blood circulation, prevents overtraining, promotes relaxation, and can be recommended to optimally prepare the muscles for sports performance.
Sports Massage
A sports massage therapy session is the expression of a sequence of massage, mobilization and stretching aimed at the preparation and/or recovery of the athlete, while respecting the trust that the latter confers and the limits of the work framework as well as the knowledge. For the sports massage therapist, it is essential to be aware of the importance of his or her work and its implications on both the physical and psychological levels of the athlete. His work consists of accompanying the athlete in his performance.


Lan Kuntanet
Sports Massage
Lan has more than 10 years of experience in the field of sports massage. Lan listens to your individual needs and provides soft, medium or intense deep tissue release whether you are a recreational sporter or a professional athlete. A sports massage is focussed on stimulating the blood flow in the muscles and will help to release the waste products in the muscles. Your muscles and body will recover faster and it will help avoid injuries through overload of the muscles.