Screening overview

Before testing, we ask you questions about your general health, injury history and training history. On the day of your test, we start with an intake interview that goes deeper into your goals and training possibilities. This way, we can give you specific training advice after the test.
Our screenings start with giving your body time to warm up. Depending on the kind of screening we will test and analyze various parameters.
Review Results
After screening our coach will prepare your test report. The report is discussed immediately on the spot or in a second appointment depending on the kind of screening. During the discussion there is room for questions, and you will be given concrete tips to take home with you that you can apply during your future training sessions.

The LAB scan generates a high end analysis. The screening data produce a virtual copy of your skeleton and your unique motion fingerprint. Further analysis reveals the strengths and weaknesses to focus on during training. 


During a maximal effort test on the treadmill or bike we measure your heart rate, lactate & cadence. Based on the results of these tests we know your strengths and weaknesses and we provide you with the correct training zones for your future endurance sessions.


Jeroen Beeusaert
Sports Performance Coach & Data Analyst

Jeroen has a critical mind and a passion for sports. He is specialized in sports performance coaching and devotes his career to helping athletes improve in the most efficient, effective, and enjoyable way possible.

Joren Huygen
Sports Performance Coach & Data Analyst

Joren is a detail-oriented generalist who takes on a personalised approach in his coaching. Being passionate about sports drives him to keep expanding his knowledge about the latest innovations in sport science. He has international experience with a varied clientele, from olympic athletes to top-level executives, he helps each individual to reach the top of their game.

Hanneke Van Gucht
Sports Physiologist & Endurance Coach

By seeing her athlete as a sum of different parts Hanneke focuses on getting the best out of every athlete. She is very passionate, spontaneous and always eager to learn. She’s specialized in cycling, running & triathlon. In the past ten years she has been working with both recreational and professional athletes.