LAB’s data-driven approach to physiotherapy will guide you through every stage of the rehabilitation process for optimal and fast recovery after orthopedic injuries or surgery. We specialize in active, functional and sport specific physiotherapy.

Therapy overview

We analyze your body’s strength and mobility in a LAB Scan 3D movement screening. With this data, we create a personal prevention report and training program to minimize your risk of injury.
After an orthopedic injury or surgery, we use the LAB Scan strength and mobility screening to design your rehab program and analyze your progress. We offer manual therapy, aqua therapy and active, functional or sport specific exercise.
Performance Preparation
LAB offers personalized programs for athletes during the critical time between the end of rehab and the return to play. We get your performance game ready with outside training on the field.
Recovery Therapy
LAB helps athletes rehabilitate after injuries or surgeries as well as recover from strength and conditioning training with manual therapy, cryo and compression therapy.
Cryotherapy is an effective, natural, and safe treatment used by healthcare professionals in recovery therapy. From being used to reduce inflammation and swelling following a sprain or fracture, to providing pain relief following orthopedic surgery, it is a versatile treatment with purpose across a range of medical contexts. Reducing swelling and pain quickly following surgery or injury enables patients to regain range of movement and begin rehabilitation at a much earlier stage. Therefore, pro-actively applying cryotherapy will often reduce your recovery time overall.


*Non-conventional healthcare providers
Thijs Hertsens
Head Physiotherapist & Sports Performance Coach
LAB Co-Founder
Thijs is a humble analyst with an eye for detail and a big sense of humor. He is specialized in orthopedic injuries of recreational and professional athletes, especially footballers, cyclists, and track & field athletes.

Jonathan Kraeye
& Sports Performance Coach
Jonathan is an enthusiastic people person who feels most fulfilled when he can offer long term guidance and pain relief to ambitious young athletes or experienced professionals. He is experienced in rehabilitation of orthopedic injuries and surgeries in soccer, volleyball, basketball and other athletes.’
Sanne Jongedijk
Physiotherapist &
Sports Performance Coach
Sanne is an ambitious teamplayer with a big passion for sports. With her critical eye and sense of curiosity in innovation she assures an up-to-date and evidence-based treatment. She supports athletes of all levels in every sport. She is specialized in guiding athletes in hockey, tennis, golf and cycling.
Annelien de Mesel
Annelien is a dynamic therapist, who has always been passionated by movement, the human body and the medical world. Curious about the latest treatment insights, with an extra focus on the shoulder complex. Ready to guide the (recreational) athlete through every phase of the rehabilitation following an orthopedic injury or surgery.


Sander Landrieux
Sander uses the chiropractic principles to evaluate the human body as a whole. By using different parameters such as posture measurement and manual muscle testing, he determines the cause of the body dysfunctions and its associated symptoms. Sander is specialised in the treatment and prevention of back and neck problems, and neuromusculoskeletal (nerves, muscles, tendons, ligaments) - disorders.